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Why bring kids to our Chiropractor Kew, Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne?


Musculoskeletal (biomechanical imbalances)

Asymmetrical head & neck movement - ask our baby chiropractor  

Persistent irritability ask our baby chiropractor melbourne

Sleeping problems baby chiropractor melbourne can provide you info.

Colic baby chiropractor melbourne (with musculoskeletal)

Pelvis misalignment

Poor posture

Bed wetting

Childhood migraines



Our Chiropractor Kew, Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne is committed to helping you, your family and the entire community achieve optimum health through fun, excellence and chiropractic care. We see many people from our surrounding area of Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, St.Kilda, St Kilda Road and Elwood as well as people from as far flung as Geelong and Frankston. Chiropractor Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne also see people of all ages, not just children and babies, (some just days old) to families and the elderly.


You will receive our full attention to your health and wellness concerns. We can supply you with advice on specific exercises and training techniques as well as solid facts on diet and nutrition

Speak To An Experienced Baby Chiropractor Kew In Port Melbourne Today

You might have just found out you’re pregnant and if so congratulations. Perhaps you’re soon to deliver or have recently given birth and are looking for a Baby Chiropractor - Chiropractor Melbourne in Port Melbourne. Or maybe you’re reading this to learn more about why our Chiropractors are Melbourne’s go-to team for your baby chiropractic needs. Our Chiropractor Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne have been assessing, managing & preventing pediatric health problems for many decades through a variety of gentle & safe techniques.


You may not be aware why it is important for Chiropractor’s to assess young babies? Simply put, the spine of a newborn is placed under an enormous amount of stress and strain during the delivery process, combine this with the potential use of forceps, vacuum extractors and other equipment it can begin the process of spinal misalignment and ultimately degeneration from a young age. Our Chiropractor Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne see many mothers bring their newborn, infant or children for a wellbeing check-up to ensure their child’s spine is developing normally. While we also have parents bring their little one in if they’re suffering one of the many pediatric problems or health conditions.

We've MOVED! Chiropractor Kew, Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor Melbourne has relocated to 55 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne, 3205 - with Bus routes 606, 234 - 236 stopping nearby.


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As your child grows & develops, firstly sitting, then crawling & walking they will experience many falls, bumps, knocks & trauma’s that can ultimately interfere with proper spinal and nervous system development. Because of this, your child should be periodically assessed by our Chiropractor Port Melbourne, Baby Chiropractor in Melbourne.


We believe an excellent Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Chiropractor Kew, Port Melbourne should offer as many of the following key characteristics as possible:


1. A qualified Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Chiropractor Kew, Port Melbourne with years of professional experience


Our Baby Chiropractor Melbourne have a great reputation with Maternity health centres & parents in the Melbourne and surrounding areas for their caring, patient centred Chiropractic care. Dr. Jim Skivalidas has clinical practice experience of over 15 years – having worked with children and babies for a range of reasons and conditions.


2. A child-friendly practice


Over the years our baby chiropractor melbourne, chiropractor port melbourne have developed a wide network with health professionals in Melbourne who refer patients to us. These include maternity wards at major hospitals, GP’s, other chiros and mother’s groups among others.


3. Trusted baby chiropractors in Melbourne who receive referrals from other health professionals


At our practice we see many kids so have set up a kids waiting area that is fun and safe for kids.

We have experienced and friendly staff who will help you with prams, and or to babysit during a consultation if needed


4. Chiropractors Kew, Port Melbourne who use updated techniques to get the best possible results


Our Baby Chiropractor Melbourne is trained in a variety of pediatric chiropractic techniques (Activator, low force pressure adjusting, cranials)


5. All baby chiropractors melbourne must be APHRA registered.


All our baby chiropractors melbourne are fully registered to practice Australia-wide under the chiropractic board of Australia and APHRA


6. Our Baby Chiropractors Melbourne who studied at an approved and recognised Chiropractic University course.


Dr. Jim Skivalidas qualified through the chiropractic program at RMIT University Chiropractic Melbourne.


7. Continued pediatric research & study


Our Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Doctors keep up with current technique advancements by attending Pediatric talks and training around Australia with other “kid chiropractors” and allied health specialists.


8. Offer students, children and infants concession rates


We offer concession rates for all our baby chiropractic appointments. We offer concession rates for all students, kids and family visits.


10. Members of professional associations such as the Chiropractor’s association of Australia, Spinal Research Australia, CAA (Victoria) registered


Our team of Doctors (Baby Chiropractors Melbourne) are fully registered with the CAA Chiropractic Association of Australia


11. Close public transport


A bus stop and a tram stop within walking distance of our baby chiropractor melbourne practice.


We trust you have found this list helpful in determining the best baby chiropractor melbourne for your particular situation. Should you have any questions feel free to call, email or drop in to discuss your baby chiropractic needs.