Chiropractor Kew - Port Melb

Chiropractor Kew - Port Melb

55 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne

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Port Melbourne Kew Chiropractic

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252 Bay Street, Level 1

Port Melbourne (03) 9646 8600

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55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

& bedding clinic

We believe that everyone has a right to a long, happy, healthy life. Regardless of their age, current health status or life goals we want everyone to perform at their best.


Chiropractor Kew - Port Melbourne and the Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic, Wellness Clinic, is a friendly and beautiful environment that empowers people to create change in their health and their life wellbeing. We cultivate a wellness culture through adjustments, information and inspiration in a professional, ethical and fun way.


Whilst your chiropractor richmond port melbourne gets great results with back pain, neck pain and headaches chiropractic care is about more than just the obvious symptoms. We can coach you through to a healthier, happier and more vital way of life by having a body and nervous system that is functioning to its maximum potential no matter what state of health you are in.


Chiropractor Kew - Port Melbourne is committed to helping you, your family and the entire community achieve optimum health through fun, excellence and chiropractic care. We see many people from our surrounding area of Kew, Richmond, Collingwood, East Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, St.Kilda, St Kilda Road and Elwood as well as people from as far flung as Geelong and Frankston. We also see people of all ages from children and babies (some just days old) to families and the elderly.


You will receive our full attention to your health and wellness concerns. We can supply you with advice on specific exercises and training techniques as well as solid facts on diet and nutrition

Chiropractor Kew - Port Melb

- 55 Rouse Street (Corner of Rouse & Johnston St)

Are you experiencing back pain, neck pain or headaches? Wanting wellness care? Chiropractor Kew - Port Melbourne. Call today  03 9646 8600.


- Gentle, drug free safe treatment as well as

- Postural exam, kinesiology (muscle test) assesssment and exercise advice

- Healthy food, nutritional and supplement advice

- Range of movement assessment and feet testing

- Sleep, mattress, pillow and sleeping posture advice

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